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What To Expect For Bitcoin, NFTs, Blockchain, And Crypto At CES 2022 | –

Starting tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the annual Consumer Electronics Show. At the futuristic, forward-looking tech conference, crypto, NFTs, blockchain, and of course Bitcoin, will be on exhibit in some capacity. Here is what you can expect related to crypto, NFTs, and blockchain coming out of CES 2022.
The annual Consumer Electronics Show is a venue where the likes of tech giants Sony, Samsung, and more show off their latest gadgets, gear, and proofs-of-concept for future goals.
The Bitcoin banner in the image at the top of the article was taken at Consumer Electronics Show some seven years earlier and at around $279 per coin. The cryptocurrency has grown by more than 25,000% since the photo was taken – an example of how forward-looking the annual conference can be.
Since then, crypto and blockchain has been a regular occurrence at the show, albeit never the main event that draws media from all around the world. This year, there are only three main exhibitors listed under Cryptocurrency and NFTs according to the official website, which include Atomic Form, Blockparty, and FTX. However, other brands are likely to participate with smaller sized booths.
Atomic Form is a tech startup that lets NFT owners “aggregate and display” NFTs, “from wallet to wall.” Blockparty is next-gen e-commerce platform designed for NFTs, complete with custom branded marketplaces for NFT creators or companies.
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FTX is a lot more widely known as a major cryptocurrency exchange first and foremost, which supplies a full suite of crypto and NFT-related products and services,
There is also a panel discussion dubbed “Decrypting Crypto” that will include several well-known guest speakers from around the cryptocurrency industry. Guests include Transform Ventures CEO Michael Terpin, Chief Growth Officer of Celsius Network Tushar Nadkarni, Blockchain Association Executive Director Kristin Smith, and Clara Tsao, Founding Director of The Filecoin Foundation.
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Topics discussed during the panel will include stablecoins, how businesses should approach accepting crypto payments, how big banks are integrating crypto themselves, and much more.
In addition to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, and more, CES 2022 will also feature exhibitors from categories like Internet of Things, AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Self-Driving Cars, 3D Printing, and others.
The event runs from January 5 through 7. A digital conference is also running online concurrently with a live conference in Las Vegas.
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