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Moviecoin set to transform Movie Financing on Blockchain – GlobeNewswire

| Source: Moviecoin Moviecoin
London, UK
London, UK , Jan. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Financing movies has often been the domain of big studios, wealthy individuals, and trusts. Moviecoin will be changing the movie landscape by offering the chance for anyone to invest in movies and reap the rewards on the blockchain. Movie makers can also upload their own films to raise funds. Offering profit shares of movies and NFT’s as investment; is this a new dawn for movie funding? First DEX launch on 10th January 2022.
MovieCoin - Movie Financing on Blockchain
MovieCoin brings movie funding and decentralized finance (defi) to both independent movie-makers and larger budget movies. will allow any budding movie producer, director, or writer to finance their own script and movie. is decentralizing and democratizing the world of movie finance, giving movie makers and consumers more control.
The platform already boasts some top Hollywood films starring Russell Crow and Mel Gibson with many more in the pipeline. offers people the chance to become early investors and holders of the MOVIE token. Selling 5% of their available coins (5m MOVIE tokens) on Uniswap soon.
See their roadmap here as well as their tokenomics, whitepaper and litepaper.
MOVIE token holders will be able to invest in films on, owning a profit share of the movie they choose to support. will also offer NFT’s on Opensea and Rarible representing a profit-share of the movie they are from. These NFT’s will consist of BTS shots, props and memorabilia from the movies. is part of a growing trend of NFT’s with actual utility. will also offer props from the financed movies attached to special NFT’s, giving investors the opportunity to own movie memorabilia IRL. Imagine owning Rocky Balboas gloves and the digital NFT version of them too!
In an industry first, Moviecoin has developed a revolutionary three-dimensional primary, secondary and utility-based NFT marketplace. Not only will movie funders and movie makers benefit from the secondary sales of the NFT’s, but when you buy a NFT, you are also buying an unlimited profit-share of the movie forever. In a groundbreaking move Moviecoin will be selling actual frames from the movies as NFT’s so you can personally own a part of the movie. is built on the Ethereum blockchain allowing easy integration into an already established NFT and token marketplace. is fully audited and being built out of London by an experienced, fully doxxed team.
DEX launch on the 10th January 2022. Find out more on
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