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5 Courses to Beef Up Your Knowledge of Blockchain Technology – IEEE Spectrum

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They cover the basics, requirements, and implementation
Blockchain technology has the ability to change a number of industries. Although it is commonly referred to when speaking of cryptocurrencies, blockchain also can affect the supply chain, health care, the Internet of Things, and more. According to MarketsandMarkets, blockchain technology and services are estimated to reach US $67.4 billion by 2026. Already this year they hit $4.9 billion.
One of the key benefits of blockchain technology is decentralization—its ability to distribute data and computing power across multiple computers in an organization’s network—according to a Yahoo Finance article.
How can companies implement the technology?
IEEE Educational Activities and the IEEE Blockchain Initiative have partnered to create a five-course program, A Step-by-Step Approach to Designing Blockchain Solutions. It offers guidance to help product managers, designers, architects, and other technical professionals who need to understand the expected benefits and costs of blockchain solutions.
“As blockchain technology continues to evolve and expand into business sectors, organizations must understand how to properly integrate it into their systems,” says course author Hunter Albright, IEEE member and co-chair for both the IEEE Blockchain Initiative and its blockchain-enabled transactive energy work.
The five courses are:
Making the Case
Learn the basics of blockchain solutions in this course, which includes an overview of the connection between the technology and business operations.
Defining Functional Requirements
This course covers the ecosystem and key elements. Learn how to define, specify, and determine performance requirements and government requirements.
Defining Non-Functional Requirements
This class explores the layers of blockchain technology.
Selecting the Platform
Learn how to choose the right solution. This course covers key platform considerations and provides insights on whether to build, buy, or partner.
Implementing the Solution
The resources in this class can help you avoid common mistakes made in implementing the technology.
Individuals who complete the course program can earn up to 0.5 continuing-education units or 5 professional development hour credits, plus a digital badge.
Institutions interested in the program can contact an IEEE account specialist to learn more.
Visit the IEEE Learning Network for member and nonmember pricing.
Preview two dozen exciting technical developments that are in the pipeline for the coming year
NASA’s Space Launch System will carry Orion to the moon.
At the start of each year, IEEE Spectrum attempts to predict the future. It can be tricky, but we do our best, filling the January issue with a couple of dozen reports, short and long, about developments the editors expect to make news in the coming year.
This isn’t hard to do when the project has been in the works for a long time and is progressing on schedule—the coming first flight of NASA’s Space Launch System, for example. For other stories, we must go farther out on a limb. A case in point: the description of a hardware wallet for Bitcoin that the company formerly known as Square (which recently changed its name to Block) is developing but won’t officially comment on. One thing we can predict with confidence, though, is that Spectrum readers, familiar with the vicissitudes of technical development work, will understand if some of these projects don’t, in fact, pan out. That’s still okay.
Engineering, like life, is as much about the journey as the destination.


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